Fascinating excursions with Navigazione Mincio in Mincio’s valleys

Navigazione Mincio organizes fascinating river excursions for individuals, schools, groups and associations aimed at discovering the natural Reserve of Mincio Valley. These marshlands, which extend for some 1400 hectares, were declared in 1971 wetlands of international relevance. Today they represent an uncontaminated environment for numerous waterfowl. 

You will be sailing across a labyrinth of water channels among extensive expanses of reeds and lush vegetation onboard of eco-friendly boats, equipped with every comfort and safety measures, even for handicapped people. 

Rivalta is one of the numerous picturesque villages stretching along the banks of the Mincio river; there you can visit the ethnographic Museum dedicated to ancient trades; the village of Grazie is famous for its ancient Sanctuary shrouded in popular legends, which was built in 1400 and dedicated to Virgin Mary. 

Sailing on across the river you can reach the upper lake, called Lago Superiore, which is the biggest of the three lakes surrounding Mantua. The town, which seems to be rising from the waters, showing its elegant profile of domes and towers, was declared by UNESCO in 2008 a world heritage. 

Right on Lago Superiore every year, in July and August, takes place the extraordinary blossoming of the exotic, big pink petals Lotus flowers. 

Navigazione Mincio offers, besides, suggestive excursions during hot summer nights.